Our Services

Complete project management of your iOS and Android mobile application ideas from requirements analysis through the placement of the app on the App Store and Google Play. We will work with you to make your idea become a reality.  All mobile app development work is done by us … we never outsource to other individuals or companies.  We are also a registered U.S. Government Contractor (CAGE Code: 7RRJ9).

We prefer to handle mobile application development project execution in five distinct phases.




Phase 1 – Requirements Definition

In the cases where the project’s requirements are not clearly understood at the onset, we would like to have a dialog with the client where we can better ascertain the project’s goals.  Once the requirements are documented and agreed upon, a final cost structure and schedule can be put in place.







Phase 2 – User Interface Design

In this phase, we will prototype a user interface design and present the client with a proposed ‘mock-up’ of the application.  With a solid set of requirement and an agreed upon user interface design, the application’s implementation phase can begin.  Proceeding directly into an implementation phase without first having a proper design is the surest way to a more costly project and one that may or may not meet the client’s needs.







Phase 3 – Implementation

This is the phase where all the application details come together.  As questions arise during implementation, as they sometimes do even with a solid up-front design, we will be in constant contact with the client to resolve any issues as quickly as possible to keep the project on track.






Phase 4 – Testing

During testing, we will perform our own internal testing of the application as well as preliminary versions of the application available to our clients.  In the case of iOS applications, due to Apple’s stringent rules on application deployment, clients will have to provide us with a device UDID that allows us to add their device to a ‘provisioning profile’ which makes the application available for them to use on their device.  It is much easier to provide Android applications to clients for testing purposes, but in either case, we will help the client get a preliminary version of the application in their hands prior to deployment.





Phase 5 – Delivery

The final delivery phase will consist of ensuring that the application is processed through either Apple’s App Store or Google Play.  We will help clients set up their accounts on the appropriate app stores.  In the case of Apple’s App Store, this setup process can be quite lengthy and we recommend getting started on that as soon as possible.