I Want to Retire ASAP


We developed an iOS application called “I Want to Retire ASAP” for the Sheryle Lengdorfer.  Here’s the client’s description of the application:

Want to accumulate $500,000 in 30 years? Ask the calculator. Your required investment is $4,090 per year (8% return) or $7,170 (5%).

Want to retire in 30 years with a yearly income of $100,000 assuming an 8% return? Ask the calculator. Your required investment is $10,225 a year.

Name your retirement date, your retirement monetary goal or your annual retirement income (net of other expected income sources), and this calculator will name your required yearly investment.

And, financially successful individuals always consider the future impact of every purchase. In the “Future Values” section, you can easily calculate how much any expenditure is really costing you. An extra $5 saved on lunch every work day for a year, would be worth $12,575 in 30 years. That extra $30,000 saved by buying the sedan instead of the sports car has the potential to grow to over $300,000.