TrekTrak is a simple to use app for tracking your fitness workouts (i.e. “Treks”). Results from your walking, running and cycling workouts can all be stored in one convenient app.

The idea behind TrekTrak was to provide an intuitive interface to record workouts without all the ‘bells-and-whistles’ of some of the other fitness tracking apps that just makes the job more cumbersome.

TrekTrak allows you to store up to 15 ‘Treks’ but this limit can be removed via an in-app purchase.

Features of TrekTrak include:

+ Real-time visual and audible feedback of your workout as you progress through your Trek.
+ Various app modes: FreeTrek (open-ended tracking of your workout), Distance (track your workout to a specific distance), Duration (track your workout for a specific period of time).
+ Historical storage of your Trek’s vital statistics including split times and a color-coded map showing your average pace along the Trek route.
+ Color-coded calendar showing the different types of Treks you completed on any given day.
+ Export your Trek history to a text or comma-separated-value (CSV) file via email.
+ Supports standard and metric units of measurement.

TrekTrak utilizes the GPS chip inside your Apple device for location information. The GPS chip consumes quite a bit of power when active. TrekTrak does make every effort to only use GPS when absolutely necessary to provide accurate recording of your fitness workout.

NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.