Tank Gauge


We developed an iOS application called “Oil Tank Gauge” for commercial oil field customer. Here’s the client’s description of the application:

Oil Tank Gauge is an easy to use, free app designed to help crude oil haulers, water haulers, and pumpers who work around tanks in the oilfield and need a way to simplify tank calculations. With this app you will calculate volumes of oil or water in tanks, and legal weight loads with a few swipes of your thumb. Leave your dumb calculator in the glove box and pitch the gravity charts out the window!


•The “Load Calculation” screen determines how many barrels of oil you can legally load into your tanker. Just input a weight in pounds (supports 5000-100,000 pounds) into the “Available to Load” field. Next use the picker wheel to select the oil’s specific gravity (supports specific gravities of 15-74) into the “Gravity of Oil” field. Oil Tank Gauge then automatically performs all calculations to provide you with the number of “Barrels to Load”.

•The “Tank Calculation” screen determines the total barrels of oil or water in a tank or the total number of barrels removed from a tank. Use the picker wheel to select your tank size in the “Tank Size/Calc” field. Next use the picker wheel to input the top gauge of your tank into the “Top Gauge” field and the bottom gauge of your tank into the “Bottom Gauge” field. Oil Tank Gauge then automatically performs all conversions from feet to inches and uses the correct tank strapping calculation to provide you with the number of “Total Barrels”.

•The “Settings” screen is preprogrammed with the most popular tank sizes found in the oilfield (250B, 300B, 400B, 500B, 535B) along with the proper strapping calculation for each tank. You may also edit any of the strapping calculations to your preference and the app will retain this change and implement the change into future calculations. In order to serve various needs, two blank fields have been provided so you can input other tank sizes and strapping calculations.

Here’s what the client said about our work:

“SymonsSoftware was an excellent choice to work with to develop my app. I received 17 proposals but SymonsSoftware had a very professional presentation which really caught my attention. After I selected SymonsSoftware they went right to work on my app. I was contacted frequently with design options and notified several times each week regarding the status of my project. My app was completed before it was promised and it functioned properly. The look and user interface of the app exceeded my expectations, and the design fit the look of my brand. I have read nightmares written by individuals who contracted to have their app developed only to wait months and months for the work to be completed. I would suggest anyone seeking to have an app developed give a lot of consideration to SymonsSoftware to do the work. I will definitely use this developer in the future as they hit my project out of the park!”