Talking Toilet


We developed an iOS application called “The Talking Toilet” for Stan Resnicoff. Here’s the client’s description of the application:

The Talking Toilet’s Royal Flush is a super simple app intended to introduce the toilet to the youngest children. Just touch the flush handle and the toilet will spring to life and say one of (17) different things. (Or don’t touch it and see what happens).

It’s intended primarily for entertainment but several moms have already told me that it’s helped them with potty training by making the toilet a bit less threatening (and a lot more fun!).

This is what the client said about our work:

“The iOS app development we did with SymonsSoftware was our first time using an Elance engineer. The experience was much better than we had hoped and was even better than most project management experiences I have had with traditional engineering firms. Symons works fast, smart and is responsive 24/7 with concisely written communications. They respond to the inevitable challenges with options for moving forward. It also helps that they have a sense of humor… – Pat May, Project Manager”