SymonsSays-Math 2

The SymonsSays – Math 2 application is the first in a series of SymonsSays educational applications. The application was designed around a subset of the 2nd grade math curriculum at a school district in western NY state. 18 lessons in the areas of addition, subtraction, counting, place values, comparisons, money and time are all included in the application.

Unlike some applications that are more ‘flash card’ style or game like but still really don’t teach the mechanics of this level of mathematics, the first two lessons in addition and subtraction take your child through the process of solving the problem. Other lessons build on this process to show how addition and subtraction are used as in word problems or counting currency, etc.

Other features include, tracking of your child’s progress via an electronic ‘report card’ as well as the ability to change the number of questions for each lesson which allows you to customize the application to suit your child’s needs. There’s even a ‘scrap paper’ feature that allows your child to free-form their problem solving without you having to hunt around for a real pencil and paper!