Swipe Lock


We developed an Android app called Swipe Lock for NewOutlookApps. Here’s the client’s description about the app:

Lock a photo on your screen! share the photo with anyone and never worry about them swiping through other photos!
Step 1 – install, and accept agreements for app
Step 2 – Create pin! (only have to do this once)
Step 3 – Choose the photo from the gallery, AND ITS LOCKED ON THE SCREEN!
To unlock the photo and to show the keypad, please see the screen shot of the highlighted corners, just tap and hold, and the keypad appears!

This app provides a safe and secure way to lock your phone with a picture on the screen and share with your friends, without the worry of friends/bosses/people swiping through other private pictures or going through your phone!

With a simple keypad pin lock; no one will be able to get in besides you! even if they hit the power button!