We developed an iOS application called “PaceMyDay” for Michelle Renae Wild.  Here’s the client’s description of the application:

We all experience low energy from time to time, but low energy/fatigue plagues some of us more than others. Do you:

– Do too much and end up exhausted?
– Stay on a task too long?
– Lack the energy to do things that you really enjoy?

The PaceMyDay app can help you learn to manage your daily tasks and optimize your energy.

– Let the countdown timer notify you when it’s time to stop.
– Choose a break to help re-energize you.
– Answer the morning and evening questionnaires to help evaluate your sleep, mood, stress, etc. each day.
– Use the report to discover trends and patterns in the relationship between the tasks you do (and for how long) and your energy level.
– Add a reference to attempted/completed tasks to your default calendar.

PaceMyDay App Description

Low energy is a common problem that affects work/school performance and daily functioning. We often overestimate our ability to complete tasks within a certain time frame, failing to account for our energy level.

The PaceMyDay app will help you monitor your energy levels and identify appropriate durations for various tasks, including breaks, in order to optimize your daily activities. Because sleep disturbance is related to low energy/fatigue, the app includes morning and evening sleep questions and prompts you to go to bed at a consistent, appropriate time.

The overall purpose of the PaceMyDay app is to help users increase awareness of their energy levels and become more skilled at choosing how long to stay at a task before taking a break in order to improve their energy.

App Features:

– Establish a wake-up alarm that includes a prompt to complete the morning sleep questionnaire (questions regarding quantity and quality of previous night’s sleep)
– Identify a task category to be undertaken (e.g., reading, homework, gardening, etc.)
– Identify specific tasks within the selected category (e.g., within the reading category: e-mail, newspapers, textbook, etc.)
– Identify how long you think you can do each task and still have energy left (optimal duration)
– Identify your energy level before beginning a task
– Based on current energy level, determine whether to modify task duration – Start a countdown timer at the beginning of the selected activity. Countdown timer runs in the background so you can work freely.
– Identify if you stopped the task prematurely and the reason (e.g., something came up, too tired to continue, completed task early) – Identify your energy level after stopping a task – Prompts to take breaks after each task
– Prompts to prepare for and go to bed at an appropriate time with capability to track daily functioning with questions regarding level of alertness, concentration, overall energy, etc. throughout the day – Generate reports that can be shared with others regarding number of tasks completed, time spent on tasks, etc.
– Health App Integration (iPhone-only). ID 4 the Web does not release health-related data collected from Apple’s iOS Health app by the PaceMyDay (PMD) app. When you select Health App, your heart rate, step count, and sleep data will be retrieved from Apple’s Health app and used to correlate that information with information gathered in the PMD app. Data is not written to the Health app by PMD nor is it shared outside the PMD app other than in a report which you may choose to generate and share with others. Although you may choose to integrate data from the Health app into the PMD app, ID 4 the Web does not have any access to your personal data. View our privacy policy here: