We developed a mobile application called “MyLinePro” for the JHN Outdoors. Here’s the client’s description of the application:

Use your phone to manage all your rods …
Keeping track of all the different lines installed on your rod collection is a headache! Let MyLinePro app manage your fishing lines, no more guessing which rod has the 8lb line!
MyLinePro keeps track of:
  • Line weight, size and date you last changed
  • Rod and reel information
  • Notes on what type of leader you use, or what’s your favorite rod combo for a specific fish
It’s Simple …
  • Place our stickers on your rod collection
  • Use MyLinePro app to scan our sticker on any rod.  Enter your rod, reel and line information. Done!
  • Anytime you replace a line just scan, enter the line type you install, simple as that!
  • Can’t remember what line you have? Simply scan our sticker with your phone and quickly identify what line you have and when you installed it.