Just a Sec


We developed an iOS application called “Just a Sec” for James Lee.  Here’s the client’s description of the application:

Just a Sec … When you really, really need your phone to ring.

You’re in a meeting that won’t end, or a conversation with that office worker who never stops talking, or the worst date of your life, and you’d give anything for an out … to be interrupted … by a phone call.

With the Just A Sec app on your phone, it’s as easy as pressing two buttons. Then 15 seconds later – or 1 minute, or 1 hour— your phone rings. You raise a finger and say “Just a sec”. Sorry, but you have to take this call.

Just like that you’re saved!

We make it simple. After setting up your preferences all you need to do is launch the app and then press one button. Depending on the option you chose, your phone will ring at the desired interval. You take it from there. Is it a friend with an emergency? Your nana who needs something desperately? Maybe your kid needs to be picked up from school? The choices are yours.

You can even program a name to pop up when your phone rings.

The best part is no one gets hurt. They don’t ever have to know you didn’t want to talk to them.

Just A Sec App. Your favorite app when you really need it.

This is what the client said about our work:

“I’m very happy with the company. They responded to all my questions quickly and thoroughly. They kept me updated and got ahead of some issues. Most importantly, they delivered what they promised. I would highly recommend this freelancer.”