Inside Edge

This is the client’s description of the app:

The Inside Edge – Be Strategic

Build trust, show empathy, and improve your emotional intelligence with strategic relationships.

As a new leader, I thrived on knowing information about my employees, stakeholders, and donors. I was always told that information was power! Well, I designed this app to be the source of that power. I tried managing information through notes and documents, but found it extremely frustrating. I also wanted all of the information in one location and the ability to switch between connections quickly.

This app has directly correlated with better outcomes and improved results by boosting morale and establishing a climate of trust within and outside of the organization. It has also assisted in improving my emotional intelligence. The app can be used as an onboarding tool for new leaders or provide veteran leaders with a new lens on the organization.

I designed this tool for myself, but realized that it may be a benefit for other leaders. The questions in the app are meant to give you a framework that will assist you in developing strategic relationships for improved outcomes and stronger leadership. Use as many or as few of the questions that you would like. Email ( or tweet us (@InsideEdgeApp) with feedback or if you would like additional questions added. Lets work together to cultivate a better tomorrow with stronger relationships.

The Purnell Group