Female Forecaster


We developed an application called “Female Forecaster” for Gabrielle Lichterman.  Here’s the client’s description of the application:


Guys, have you ever gotten confused by the changing moods of your girlfriend or wife? Wonder why her romantic desire is super-high one day, then bottomed-out the very next? Wish you had a crystal ball that could predict what she’ll be like on any given day?

Good news: You do–it’s the Female Forecaster App!

This revolutionary new app for boyfriends and husbands lets you know what your sweetheart’s moods, libido, energy level and more will be every single day. That’s right–no more guessing, no more surprises. It’s the newest, simplest and most accurate way to know what to expect from your partner at any time.

The Female Forecaster App charts your partner’s monthly hormone cycle and gives you a daily forecast that tells you what her mood will be, whether her libido will be high or low, if her energy will be peaking or plummeting and more based on her hormone profile for that day.

The reason this app can deliver so much is because it uses real science. Each daily forecast is based on hundreds of studies that show how a woman’s hormones impact her in key ways, including her emotions, libido and mental and physical pep. Because a woman’s hormones repeat the same up-and-down pattern month after month, the effects her hormones have on her also repeat the same way month after month–making her moods, sex drive and more easy to predict.

For example…

On Day 7 of a woman’s hormone cycle, she’s happier, energetic and experiencing a spike in her sex drive thanks to rising estrogen–making this a day when boyfriends and husbands can do no wrong.

On Day 19, she’s quieter, sluggish and her desire for physical intimacy is low due to sedating progesterone, which is a hormone that reins in sexual desire–so men shouldn’t take her “Not tonight, dear” personally.

On Day 27, a drop in estrogen can make her irritable and blue, but she also experiences a rise in libido–which explains why she can be cross with you one minute, but want to cuddle with you the next.

The Female Forecaster App answers all the questions men have had about women and takes the mystery out of the fairer sex. As a result, men can have a closer relationship with their partner, avoid needless arguments, have a more fulfilling sex life and improve the quality of the time they spend with their girlfriend or wife.

All you need to do is input two pieces of information about your girlfriend or wife:

• The typical length of her menstrual cycle (input 28 days if you don’t know)
• The day she’s on in her cycle right now (just ask her–her Day 1 is the first day of her most recent period and she just counts from there)

The Female Forecaster App will deliver a daily forecast that tells you what you can expect from your sweetheart that day.

You can also look at dates in the future to find out what you can expect from her days, weeks, even months from now, which makes planning a romantic rendezvous or special event so much easier.

Boyfriends and husbands of women who…

• Have healthy menstrual cycles
• Have cycles between 22 and 49 days long
• Have a natural hormone cycle (no hormone birth control)

The Female Forecaster App is not for partners of women who are menopausal, pregnant, do not get a regular period, are taking hormone medications or hormone birth control or have a health disorder that impacts their hormones.

• Set alerts to get a heads-up about certain points in your partner’s cycle (for instance, when her premenstrual week is coming up)
• Set your own customized alerts about your partner (for instance, when she tends to get migraines)
• Add notes about cycle-related changes you’ve observed
• Get suggestions for the types of romantic dates she’ll enjoy most and how you can earn bonus points based on where she is in her cycle
Learn more at MyHormonology.com.