Dive Calc


We developed an iOS application called “Dive Calc” for the Watkins Development Group. Here’s the client’s description of the application:

The Dive Calc app is an idea in progress. Originally designed to be a tool to be used in my technical diving courses to help students understand basic formulas and correlations, it is growing into more of a reference tool that will be useful in planning before, between and after technical diving activities.

This beta version provides metric and imperial calculations for sea level saltwater diving including: ATA, ppO2, MOD, Best Mix, EAD/END, CNS exposure, SAC/SCR, RMV and Volume Remaining.

Please use the contact button to report any issues and input for future versions.


Fundamental Diving

Here’s what Watkins Development Group said about our work:

“I could not have hoped for a better experience. Ken is responsive, professional, fast, thorough and competitively priced. No hesitation in recommending him at all and I plan on more projects with him moving forward.”