We developed a mobile application called “BARC” for the Bound Angels, an organization that helps shelters nationwide save more lives.  Here’s the client’s description of the application:

BARC (Behavior Assessment and Reactivity Checklist) is a lifesaving tool for animal shelters, rescue organizations, SPCA’s and humane societies rescuing shelter dogs. BARC was developed as an alternative to other temperament tests that unfairly label or misidentify dogs and often condemn them. BARC uses a balanced approach throughout it’s steps to fairly and quickly assess a dog for adoption, playgroups, training and more.

The assessment gives a snapshot into the dog’s behavior during various phases including: touch handling, food, corrections, meeting other dogs and more. Each phase is displayed onscreen and the user simply checks off the behavior based on the choices given, (users may also type their own notes during each phase).

At the end of the assessment, the report is saved and can be shared via email or text message in PDF format.

This app is the digital version of the Bound Angels assessment tool currently in use at many shelters, rescues, humane societies and SPCA’s. This digital version makes the process faster and easier. Please take the time to read the BARC guide available here:

BARC Training videos are available on the Bound Angels vimeo channel: